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Liberty Market is a Darknet Market which was launched in December of 2020, it is a feature rich, security driven market with a balance of a user-friendly interface.

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Liberty Market

Security Features
  • Bug Bounty program
  • Optional pgp two factor authentication for buyers and vendors
  • Forced pgp two factor authentication for vendors
  • Automatic account freeze on too many failed pins
  • Adding a pgp requires a verification step
  • Changing a pgp key requires verifying ownership of the previous key
  • Sensitive and semi-sensitive details encrypted in the database
  • Created from scratch using PHP but with certain pieces of infrastructure written in Go
  • Multisig payments

Current Features
  • Custom weight options for listings
  • Autoship and autofulfillment for digital orders
  • Imported feedback from most markets
  • QR code for deposit addresses
  • Mobile-friendly ui
  • Free vendor account for established vendors and refugees from exit-scamming markets
  • Enabled/Disabled options for listings and shipping options
  • Clone listings
  • BB Codes on profile and listing descriptions
  • Expansive search options
  • Well-documented tutorial for new users
  • Referral
  • Automatic vacation for vendors after an extended time of inactivity

Upcoming Features
  • Multiple languages
  • XMPP notifications
  • Telegram notifications
  • Bulk options
  • Internal voting system for new features
  • Personalized dispute refund with percentange selected by both vendor and buyer
  • Vendor API

  • 4% fee on all sales
  • 1$ fee on all withdraws of less than 100$, 1% fee on all withdraws of more than 100$
  • 100$ Vendor bond

You can't sell
  • Knives, explosives, guns and anything that is used to harm other living beings
  • Fentanyl, carfentanyl and anything related
  • Porn
  • Personal information or databases containing personal information stolen from darknet websites

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